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Teachers: Mrs L Woodhead, Mrs H Halliwell, Mrs B Fawell and Mrs F Bashir

Teaching Assistants: Mrs V Bellafante, Miss L Killburn and Miss S Kitchen

PE Reminder

Please ensure your child has their indoor and outdoor PE kit in school every Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor)


Homework will be set on a Friday and is expected to be returned on Thursday the following week.

Please support your child and encourage the completion of homework as it will either revisit work already taught that week or prepare the children for what is coming up the next week.

If the sunshine takes his hat off...

The forecast for next week isn't looking quite as beautiful as it has been (haven't we been lucky with it so far?!) so I thought I'd add a few new indoor activities to help with the rainy days. I would recommend following 'primarymum'  on Instagram, she is absolutely brilliant. 

  •  Go on a bear hunt- choose five of your child's teddies and hide them around a certain room (or the whole house if you're wanting them busy for ages!)
  •  Indoor scavenger hunt- can be anything! Link to English or phonics; 'find something that begins with an 'f'/ find something with an 'ou' sound in it. Write them as instructions and get them to record their findings if you want an independent activity. 
  •  Use the recycling. Cut up the front of an empty cereal box to make a homemade jigsaw/ let them box model/ make a mini playgym for their small toys using kitchen roll tubes as slices and bottle tops as mini trampolines (let their imagination decide the rest!)
  •  Mark making in playdough- another great way to use playdough. Get them to roll out a section and give them some sounds/letters/words to write in the top with a pencil.
  •  Play with pegs- set up a few small objects for your child to pick up using pegs (pom poms work great for this). Really great for their fine motor development and hand-eye coordination. 
  • Musical statues. You could just play the good old original game, or set up some learning to go alongside it. For example, write some sounds on pieces of paper and when the music stops you shout a sound and they have to stand on the correct one/ write numbers and shout out a number sentence. 
  •  Make a washing line and set up some pairs of socks (pairs not next to each other). Ask your child to pair them up. This would link well to the grouping topic in maths. This washing line could also be used for other activities such as: 
  •  Cut up sentences- write a sentence, including punctuation, quite big on a piece of paper. Cut it up and ask your child to peg it together in the correct order.
  •  Cut up words- this is a good one for phonics. Write a word, e.g. dream, and cut up each sound (so the 'ea' sound is on the same piece of paper). Tell your child the word and they have to peg the sounds in the correct order. 
  •  Number cards- this is a great way to practice times tables. 
  • Role play- let them use it for hanging their toy baby's clothes. 

I will keep adding activities as I come across them! Hopefully you will find some of them useful. Please remember we are always here for support. 

Mrs Fawell 

School Closure Ideas

Just a few ideas to save your sanity…

As a parent to two small ones I know the thought of ‘social distancing’ or even ‘lockdown’ is a daunting one! I have put together just a few ideas for entertaining your child that have worked in my house or that have been tried and tested by others.

  • Have a look at ‘Five Minute Mum’ (she has her own website but is also on Facebook and Instagram). Her website is an absolute goldmine of ideas. Each of her activities take just five minutes to set up and will give you a little time to get things done (or sit and have a cuppa!) whilst they are entertained. Many of them are fantastic for Year 1 children but they can be adapted, especially if you have younger children in the house.
  • Cosmic Kids Zen Den- fantastic 5 minute mindfulness sessions or half an hour yoga sessions. Just type it into YouTube.
  • Word hunt- write five of the high frequency words on individual post it notes/pieces of paper. Stick around the room or in a space on the floor. Shout out one of the words and your child needs to run and splat with their hand/foot. Great for word recognition and burning off some energy!
  • Upside down drawing- stick some paper to the underneath of a low table or a chair. Let your kids do some writing/drawing. You could give them specific words related to phonics or just let them draw away! It’s a great way to get reluctant writers to get some practice in.
  • Go on a bear hunt- Read the book (if you don’t have it there is a version read by the author on YouTube). Then use one of their bears- hide it and they go seek! They could write their own version of the story using rooms/obstacles around the house.
  • Paint left over conkers with nail varnish.
  • Puzzle hunt- hide a few pieces of a jigsaw/other puzzle around the house (blu tac up high, put under picture frames, sticking out from under one of their toys). You could also hide them in sand. Once they’ve found it they have to put it in the puzzle.
  • Pass the parcel- with anything! Puzzle pieces, numbers, words, numbers sentences to work out or phonics sounds to identify. Just wrap one per layer and when they unwrap it they have to read it/solve it. A quick way to do this is with tin foil or newspaper- no sellotape required.
  • Car wash- get some toy cars, a few different sized sponges and a washing up bowl of soapy water. Welcome to the car wash! This also works well with dolls such as Barbies- give them a bath and wash their hair!
  • Bath time building- obviously this is one that needs supervising as you would a normal bath time. Tip a box of duplo into the bath. That’s it! It’s amazing how adding something to the water will keep them entertained longer.
  • Story writing- give them three toys (a cuddly toy dog, a dressing up wand or other prop, a doll) and ask them to write a story that involves all three of the items. If they don’t want to write it they could act it out.
  • Watercolours- all the fun of painting but with minimal mess to tidy afterwards.


There are lots of websites giving parents/carers free membership for this period.

  • Twinkl- fantastic free resources. Just type in Year 1 once you have logged on and it will bring up loads of different resources! They have also put together a school closures pack, one for each year group. These are available to download as well as all the other resources.
  • Phonics play (great to give them on a tablet once you have set up a game for them. They play these in class all the time so will be familiar with how to play them). https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk
  • https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com
  • https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/
  • Joe Wicks is doing ‘PE with Joe’ starting Monday morning. Monday-Friday 9am on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV.


I hope you find some of this useful! We will continue to add ideas throughout the time we are working in this way. Each day your child will have a task for English, Maths and one other subject which will be added to the Year 1 Homework section of the website. Whilst we encourage you to do these tasks, please understand that we know how difficult this time may be for you and try to stay calm and have as much fun as possible. The children will get just as much from an hour or two cuddled up on the sofa watching a film with an adult they love, dancing to your favourite songs in the kitchen or playing hide and seek as they will from educational activities, and they’ll help keep you positive too! Twinkl do some mindfulness colouring activities…do them together. If you read a book, they’ll want to sit and read too. Keep it simple and fun.

Mrs Fawell x


Here are some more lovely ideas to keep your child/children entertained...


World Book Day

Thank you for all the effort that was put into the WBD Jars competition. All the children and staff in school have loved looking at the jars and trying to guess the matching stories! Please note that these are now on display in our shared area to allow other year groups to see the amazing creativity and effort put into the making of the jars. They will be sent home at a later date.

Here are just a few of the examples we had brought into Year 1.