Welcome Gomersal Primary School

Oxford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 4PX

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WELCOME to Our Classes 

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EY Unit

Mrs L Drew

Mrs J Jenkins

Mrs L Berry


Key Stage 1


Year 1

1CC  Ms C Coombes


1NC  Ms H Coxan/Mr G Norris   


 Year 2

2FI    Mrs B Fawell/Mrs K Ibbitson


2GW    Miss G Whiteley


 Lower Key Stage 2


Year 3

3DP   Mr D Popple

3HH   Mrs H Halliwell


Year 4  

4PC   Miss R Powell & Ms H Coxan

4CB   Mrs C Barker/Mrs F Bashir


Upper Key Stage 2


Year 5

5RW   Miss R Whiteley

5LW  Mrs L Woodhead


 Year 6 

6MB  Mr M Bendon

6SP  Mrs S Peatfield