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Year 3 Homework

Homework is sent home on a Friday and should be returned on a Thursday. 


Autumn Term 1

18/ 9/ 2020


  • eight
  • eighth
  • eighty
  • weight
  • neighbour
  • vein
  • veil
  • beige
  • sleigh
  • freight


Write some 1 or 2 digit numbers and partition them into H,T and O or T and O, just like we’ve been doing in class. Try and make it challenging for yourself but not impossible! Try to do 20 numbers.

Eg 376 = 300 + 70 + 6


25/09/ 2020


Spellings – words with the long /eI/ sound spelt with ey

hey           survey             convey            disobey            grey

they          purvey            prey                 obey                 whey


This week we learnt a little about Spanish culture. Research more information and design a poster to include either words, numbers or pictures about Spain. The more colourful and clear, the better.