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Year 1 Homework

Reading - we have had some questions regarding reading. You can sign up for an account on Oxford Owl. There are a selection of free ebooks for your child's level https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/

If there are activities to go with the book, don't forget to answer them.


We have got daily phonic lessons for you to look at and join in with here. https://wandleenglishhub.org.uk/lettersandsounds/year-1


Week beginning 29th June 

 29th June
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Week beginning 22nd June

 22nd June
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Week beginning 15th June

Here are the activities for this week.  

 15th June
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Week beginning 8th June

Here are the activities for this week.

Remember to have a look at the phonics sessions on the above link.    

 8th June
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Week beginning 1st June

We hope you have had a lovely half term.

Remember to look at the daily phonic lessons above.

Below are the activities for this week. 

 1st June
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Half Term Project

Exploring money
Over the half term it is time to learn about money. Your project is to set up a shop in your home and play at being a shop keeper/shopper! You need to understand the value of all coins and notes and be able to count totals of coins (e.g. use knowledge of counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to add amounts together). You also need to be able to give equivalent values (e.g ten 1p coins is equivalent to one 10p coin). If you have enough coins it is a great activity to get a 20p coin and next to it line up the same amount but in the other coins (e.g. two 10p coins, four 5p coins etc)

Note for parents: if you can use real coins for this, even if just for the initial conversation about values, then that would be great. However, please be mindful of who has touched these and clean them if they have been given to you recently.

Other possible activities to explore money:
Coin rubbings
Ordering coins high to low or low to high
Spot the difference with notes
Pick a coin and if they can say its value they get to post it in a piggy bank
Empty a piggy bank and say how much money was in there
Give different amounts to three of their teddies and ask them who has the most (maybe give one teddy only 1p coins, another only 5p and the last only 10p coins).
Encourage pattern making by giving them a selection of coins to make repeating patterns with. This will encourage them to notice the similarities and differences between the coins.
Ask them to sort the coins- do they group them by size, shape or colour?

Friday 22nd May


Can you complete these sentences using positional language?



Have a go at these activities. 



Choose some words from these common exception words.

has   was   be   he   she   today   are   house   gold   hold   told   improve   beautiful   whole   half

Read the words you have chosen and write them.

You could write them ;

on post it notes

in sand

with felt tips

with a stick in the soil

make them with sticks or pebbles

make them with play dough


Can you put them into sentences? i.e. She has a gold house and it is beautiful.


Have a go at these spelling games. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/words-and-spelling


Thursday 21st May


Read or watch The Huge bag of worries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDrnuPj7xfs  

Can you think about some of the things that are worrying you at the moment?

Can you draw a big bag and draw or write some of the things that you are worrying about?

Share your bag of worries with people in your family.

They probably have the same worries as you and can help you to sort out your ideas.



Have a go at this activity here.  The answers are here.  


Well being

Have a go at Cosmic Kids Yoga    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhYtcadR9nw




Wednesday 20th May


Today we continue with direction. Here is the activity for today.  



Have a look at the songs here. There are some activity suggestions for song 1 and song 2.   



Today you are going to be learning about the suffixes  ing, ed, er and est.

Just work through this powerpoint.

Tuesday 19th May


We are continuing with turns today.  Here is the activity.  The answers are here.   



Listen to The Colour Monster story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWujGPb6mgo

Draw your own colour monsters.

Write the feeling and the colour that goes with that feeling.

Can you say what happens when you feel that way?



What do Christians do in church to show they belong?

Watch the video to find out...


(Don't forget to answer the questions on the left of the video)


Monday 18th May

Thank you so much for your Year 1 message. We really miss all of you and it was so good to see you all again. Take care xx



Today we are moving onto the topic of Position and Direction.  We will look at lots of different activities throughout the week.  

Here is the activity for today.  



 This week we are going to be looking at feelings.

Look at the picture of the boys.

How do they feel?

What do you think has happened to make them feel this way?

What makes you feel this way?

Can you list lots of different kinds of feelings.



Collect lots of different coloured things from your house, garden or from a walk. i.e. stones, petals, leaves, sticks, lego, fruit, veg  etc.

Use these items to make pictures.i.e. flowers, people, rainbow, animals.

You could take pictures of what you have made.



Friday 15th May


Here is todays learning. 



Learn about coding and play the matching games! https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zmp98xs



Look at the door from yesterday. Draw a house to match the door.

Write a story.

Think about;

Who goes to the door and why?

Who opens the door and what happens when they do?

Remember stories usually have a problem in the middle which is sorted out at the end of the story.

You could draw and write a story mountain.

Thursday 14th May


 Look at the images of the door here. Answer these questions.

Do you think the door is big or small?

Who do you think lives behind the door?

What do you think will happen when the door opens?

Draw who you think lives behind the door.

Write some information about who lives behind the door.



Today we are moving on from finding half to finding a quarter. See here for the activities. 


Well being

Have a go at singing and dancing.




Wednesday 13th May


Here is today's work. 


Today, we are going to be learning about joining clauses with the word 'and'. Work through the powerpoint.


 Think about what makes you happy; sunshine? Cuddles? Family? Your favourite film? Make a list of all these things- what could be nicer than a list of all the things that make you happy?! Once you have done this, you can turn it into your own 'Happyland'; draw a place filled with all the things from your list. My Happyland would be a sunny place filled with all my family, a freezer full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and fruit trees everywhere. And I would have a pet penguin, obviously! I can't wait to see what your Happyland looks like, if you would like to you can email them to 1LW and I will have a look at them. Mrs Fawell x


Tuesday 12th May


Today we will be looking at adding the suffix ( put on the end) er to the end of root words.

You can use one of or all the ideas below.

Use a stick in the soil.

Use a finger in some flour.

Chalk on the path.

Write with pencils, felt tip pens or paint.

write;     fast    slow    tall    short   small   long

Now write them again adding the suffix er  i.e faster 

Then do an action to show your new word. i.e. Run then run faster. Stretch taller or sink down so you are smaller. Use play dough  make the snake longer or shorter.

Have fun!



Hope you had fun with yesterdays maths! Here is today's activity. 



Why do most Christians go to church on a Sunday?

Which days do we come to school? Stay at home?  How do you feel about certain days? Do you have a favourite day? Why?

Christians have Sunday as their special day. Why do you think Christians try to meet together on the same day?  Explore the idea of a community meeting and learning together.

Watch video clip of a Sunday service


What other occasions do christians go to church?

Monday 11th May



We are continuing with finding half today. Here are your activities. 



Watch Art with Mati and Dada. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s37OoBXkYAc

Cut out some paper shapes to make a picture in the style of Henri Matisse. Move them around until you get the picture you are most happy with.

You could cut out leaf, petal and plant shapes. 



Have a go at some of the spelling games on Small Town Superheroes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zmpm6v4 


Friday 8th May

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate V.E. day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48201749

Powerpoint with information, link: VE-Day-Powerpoint


There are also some activities for you to look at here:

Activity 1   Activity 2     Activity 3     Activity 4    Activity 5



Thursday 7th May


Today we are moving on to fractions.

You do not need to write fractions but understand that they are part of a whole. 

Here is an activity. 



 Still thinking about Little Red Riding Hood.

Can you make a den? It could be Grandma's house or Little Red Riding Hood's house or perhaps the wolf's house.

When you are in your den draw a map showing where Little Red riding Hood went. 

You could include; Little Red riding Hood's house, Grandma's house, path, woods, trees, flowers and perhaps you could put in the wolf's house too!

Label these on your map.

Show your map to someone and retell the story.


Computing  algorithms


Think of some thing Little Red Riding Hood could take to Grandma's house to cheer her up.

Look it up on the internet. i.e. jam sandwiches , buns, pizza etc

Follow the instructions carefully ( with help from an adult) to make some of these things.

You and your family can enjoy eating them!


Wednesday 6th May


Can you solve this problem? Remember to use objects to help you. 


This week we will be looking at capital letters, letters of the alphabet and their names.

Click on the link below to learn more about capital letters. (Don't forget to join in with the activity)


Can you write 2 sentences with the capital letter in the correct place?

Can you write the letters of the alphabet and say their names correctly? Can you remember how  many letters there are in the alphabet?


Have a look at these songs. 

Can you remember them?  


Think about the activities to go with them. 

Wake up

I have a song to sing

Tuesday 5th May


Look at Little Red Riding Hood story again.

Draw 1 good character and 1 bad character. Put in lots of detail.

Write about what kind of character they are and say how you know.



Find the activity for today here. Remember to use objects to help you explain.  


This week you are going to go on a virtual tour of a church.

Why is a church a special place? Who is it a special place for? How do you know that you belong to a church?

Click on the link below and enjoy your visit. Don't forget to answer the questions on the left of the video.


Monday 4th May


Look at the pictures here.

You are going to draw a picture of Grandma's house exploring the idea of foreground and background.

First draw some big trees and flowers.

Then behind them draw a small house.

Where your pencil meets the line of a tree or flower pick your pencil off the paper and keep drawing. Only put your pencil back on the paper when there is a space again.

This is tricky so just do your best.

This way the tress and flowers will be in the foreground and Grandma's house will be in the background.

When you have finished the drawing you can paint or colour it carefully.

Be proud of your picture!


We are continuing our work on sharing this week.  Again try and make it as practical as possible.  Here is the activity for today.  



Read or watch Little Red Riding Hood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W86K1jBJFI

Who are the good and bad characters?

How do you know? What do they do? What do they say?


Friday 1st May


Choose some of these common exception words to read and write.

there   where   love   come   some   to   of   said   your   she   once   ask   full   improve   many   both   school

You could write them on notes and stick them round the house and read them every time you go past them.

You could draw them in hopscotch with chalk and say them when you land on them.

You could paint them.

You could make them with pasta shapes or rice.

You could use play dough to make the words.

You could write sentences .i.e.Where is she going? She went to school where there were lots of friends. She can improve in school.



Here is today's maths work ending our week on doubling and grouping. 



Can you practice some throwing and catching? If there is no one to play it with, how about working on your aim and hand eye-coordination by throwing teddies into a hoop or at a target set up by an adult.

You could try these from go noodle.




Thursday 30th April


Watch Camile and the sunflowers again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac7kxcXGNqc

Draw a picture of Vincent Van Gogh

Write about what happened to Vincent in the story and what he did.

Remember to use;

Capital letters for the start of sentences and names of people.

Full stops at the end of each sentence.

Spaces between words.

Join 2 sentences together with and, but or because.

Use great describing words.



Hope you are all okay after a wet and miserable day yesterday! There are loads of ideas for simple activities to do over on the Year 1 page if you haven't seen already. Click here for today's maths work on grouping.



Have a go and playing these games. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zd63xyc/articles/zdp4pg8


Wednesday 29th April


Today we are moving on from doubling to 'grouping'. As before, this is a great topic to do lots of practical practice using small toys! Here is todays work. 


This week we are learning about speech marks, just click on the link below to have a go.

Speech marks PowerPoint


The Kindness School Foundation are releasing a new 'kindness calendar' each week which is full of lovely activities linking to PSHE. I have had a look and think one of the previous weeks is more appropriate for the Y1 children (attached here) but do keep checking and look back at the previous ones if you have some time to fill. I have attached a whole weeks worth of PSHE work here but dip in and out as you see fit. 

Here is the link to all of the other kindness calendars released so far: https://www.kindness-school.org/kindness-calendar

Tuesday 28th April


Watch Camile and the Sunflowers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac7kxcXGNqc

Watch it again and answer these questions as you go along.

Who arrived on the train?

How do you think he felt?

Who brought the sunflowers?

Who painted the pictures?

What did the school children do to Vincent?

How do you think Vincent felt about this?

Why are the people in the village being mean to Vincent?

What happened to Vincent in the end?



Hope you had some fun with doubling yesterday! Try this activity to continue your learning. 



Close your eyes and think about a place that is special to you.  Can you see a picture in your mind about it?  Who else is there with you?  Would it be as special if you were there by yourself?  It is good to share special times and places with other people who think the same way as you?  Talk about your special place. You could write about this or draw and label a picture with emotions and feelings.

Monday 27th April


Write these words. open  climb  play  shout  look  walk  stomp  peep.

Then ad the suffixes  ed and ing to the words i.e. opened   opening.

Say or write sentences with these words in them.

i.e. Jack climbed the enormous green beanstalk.

Jacks mum was shouting at him.

The giant stomped around the castle.


Art and Computing

Use Google to find images of Vincent Van Gogh's  sun flower pictures.He painted lots of different sunflower pictures can you see any differences?

You can make a scrap book page in your book . Print out and stick in small pictures of the different sunflower pictures. If you can't print out the pictures just look at the images on your screen.

Then paint, draw ,collage by sticking things in to create lots of different sunflower pictures of your own. You could do some in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.



 This week we are moving on to doubling and grouping. Lots of this can be done through play with simple activities using the toys your children will be playing with everyday. See here for todays learning and some examples of how to incorporate doubling into everyday play. Twinkl have some useful activities if you search 'Year 1 doubling', this one is particularly useful if you have no access to a printer: 


Friday 24th April


Write the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Think about;

The beginning , middle and end of the story.

Capital letters for the start of sentences and names of people.

Full stops at the end of each sentence.

Spaces between words.

Join 2 sentences together with and, but or because.

Use really good story language i.e. Once upon a time 

repeated phrases i.e. Fee fi fo fum

Use great describing words.

Enjoy and make it a fantastic story!



Try this challenge. 



Can you design and make an obstacle course in your garden or house? You could use boxes , toys, pans or anything you can find. You could include challenges like skip 5 times or throw the rolled up socks into the pan. How many times can you complete the course ?

Thursday 23rd April


Retell the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Make some character puppets and create the settings.

Use these things to retell the story to someone in your family.


Making arrays.

This can be practical.   



Use a phone or ipad or other device to film your story.

Ask someone in your family to help you if you need it.


 Wednesday 22nd April


Add equal groups.

You can use things around the house. Try concentrate on groups of 2, 5 and 10.

My example is here.



This week we will be looking at exclamation marks and recapping on question marks and full stops.

Click here for the powerpoint.

Complete the follow up activities here and another one here.



What makes you happy?

Some ideas here


Tuesday 21st April


Look at the characters from Jack and the beanstalk. Can you talk about what you know about them. Are they; mean ,brave, kind, cross, small, massive, cunning, poor etc.

Can you create your own giant? Paint, make a model or draw your own giant. Look at images on google for Jack and the beanstalk giant or look in your story books to give you some design ideas.

Write some describing words about your giant.


Making equal groups.  Use objects around your house like on my example here



This half term the RE topic is about Special Places and how we know we belong to them. We will be taking a closer look at the differences between a church and a mosque.

This week we will be looking at how we know we belong.

Think about who you belong to, this could be your family, school, out of school clubs/groups. Discuss with another member of your family how you know you belong to that group/community.


Monday 20th April


Read Jack and the beanstalk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5rxfLRgXRE

Discuss the beginning; Where did Jack get the beans from and why did he get them?

The middle; What happened when the bean stalk grew? look out for repeated phrases such as Fi fi fo fum.

The end; How did they stop the giant from catching Jack? What happened then? 

You could find some more traditional stories to read. i.e. Three little pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Can you hear any repeated phrases?



Plant your own bean or seed. See how high it will grow. Keep a diary about how it grows over the next few weeks.You can use pictures and writing. Start this week showing how you planted it and what you will think the seed will need to grow. Each week check your seed and write about what is happening. You will need to use some of these words.

shoot   leaf   roots   stem    petals   soil  water  sunlight  air


 We are starting a new topic this week - Multiplication and Division. 

There are videos on the White Rose Maths Hub to support this topic. 

Today's work is Week 2, lesson 2 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/ 

Have a go at this work


Well done to everyone that has been doing the activities set or doing different learning at home over the past two weeks. The children in school have also been taking part in different activities and well done to them for their hard work. We hope you and your families are all staying safe and want to thank all the key workers for continuing with their jobs during this time.

We are missing you all very much. 

Mrs Fawell, Mrs Halliwell, Mrs Woodhead, Mrs Bashir and Mrs Ibbitson x


Easter break activity ideas


Watch or read about the Easter story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PSgoPdKQFQ

Draw some new life images on the cross shape i.e. chicks, eggs, lambs, Spring flowers etc.

Taste a hot cross bun. Can you see the cross on the top? Why do we only have these at Easter time?

Don't forget to keep reading lots of stories together. You could act out the stories. Talk about the characters of the story and think about the setting in the story.

You could talk about what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Count to 50 in 2's. Count back from 50 in 2's. ie 2,4,6,8  or  10,8,6,4,2

Count to 100 in 5's. Count back from 100 in 5's. ie 5,10,15,20 or 50, 45, 40, 35

Count to 100 in 10's. Count back from 100 in tens. i.e. 10,20,30 or 100,90,80,70

Practice reading and spelling the Year 1 High Frequency words.

There are a selection of activities here for you to print and complete.

Activity 1    Activity 2     Activity 3   Activity 4   Activity 5


White Rose Maths Hub have online videos to support the work which has been set for Maths.  Follow the link.

Friday 3rd April 

Friday maths


Think about the fantastic castle you drew yesterday. Can you think about who might live there? Could it be a giant, princess, dragon, witch? You might have a better idea.

Can you draw the character and write about what they like to do. Are they a good or bad character? How do we know?

On a different day you could design a friend for your character. You could think about what the two characters like to do.

You could write a story about the characters and castle that you have created thinking about the beginning, middle and end of the story.

You could also think about what they like to eat. Is it delicious or disgusting? You could draw round a plate and draw the food , you could draw the food and cut it out, then stick it on the plate or make the food out of play dough.


Choose 3 of your favourite songs. Dance in any way you like to the songs. Can you share your ideas with someone in your house?

Thursday 2nd April 


Design an amazing castle. What features will it have? Will it have turrets, a moat, a secret garden, tall towers, a magical door?

Write a description of your castle. Remember to use capital letters and fullstops in your sentences.

Can you join two sentences together with and, because or but?

Can you use describing words. ie A deep cold moat full of scary green crocodiles.



Play this phonics game. https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/odd-and-bob?phase=5



Thursday's Maths


Wednesday 1st April

Full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

The powerpoint can be found here

I have re-posted the link, apologies for the mistake earlier.

Thank you.


Wednesday Maths 


Follow ‘School Closure Music Lessons’ on Facebook for some fab live music lessons. Her page says she is only doing these until Friday so follow quickly and join in if its something your child will be interested in.


Tuesday 31st March


Have a look at the sheet here


Hope you had some fun with yesterdays maths! Todays follows on from that...Tuesday maths


I know what it means to make choices

What did you have for breakfast? Did you get a choice?

What other choices do you make throughout the day?

Do you always make the right choice? Who might this affect? What can you do next?

Click on the following link and watch the story of Esau and Jacob


Why didn't Esau and Jacob get along?

Has anyone ever taken away something very important to you?

What did you do?

Who needed to be forgiven?

Who forgave?

Who should have forgiven but didn’t?

Can you think of a time when you needed forgiveness or forgave someone?

Monday 30th March


Choose some of these words to read and spell.

 are   was   my  come  said  he  she  be  your  house  school  would  should  could  half  busy  pretty

You could ;

write them in sentences

write them on paper and put them in a bag then pull them out one at a time and read them.

write them on post it notes and stick them around the house and read them when you go past them.

you could write them with chalk on the path out side.



Go far a walk or look in the garden. If you can't do this look online at Spring plants.

Can you name some of the plants that you can see?

You might see these plants;






blossom on the trees . How many different colours of blossom can you see?

Can you draw some of the plants you have seen? Make sure you put as much detail in your pictures as you can.



Apologies it's late! Blame Mrs Fawell and her babies. Here is the Maths for today...Monday maths

Friday 27th March



Worksheet to show your understanding of measures.  Print out or write in your books. 



We will be looking at adding est to a root word.

Look at and write: long , short , fast , slow .

add est to these words : longest , shortest , fastest , slowest .

You could look at the story The Hare and the Tortoise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5OItL7eWE

Write about who is the fastest, who is the slowest and who won.



Make the most of the sunshine and get active in your garden.

Kick a ball around, ride your bike, enjoy a walk with members of your household. 

Remember to keep safe and keep your distance.  


Thursday 26th March



 Have fun weighing some ingredients out.  Here is an idea



Make a den inside or outside. Can you make up a story using your den?

Where are you?

What adventure might you have?

Who might you meet?

Use toys or some of your family to help you with your adventure. Enjoy!


Outdoor learning

You could sign up to The muddy puddle teacher free for 1 month for great ideas for learning in your garden.


Wednesday 25th March



You could print the sheet out or write the answers in your book.  



Think about the use of capital letters, when do we use them? How do we use them? 

Make a list of 5 words that need capital letters  and then include them in a sentence. Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Try and make your sentences longer and interesting by including describing words and words such as 'and, because', etc. 



Feelings - activity suggestions here.  


Tuesday 24th March 


Weight see here



 Read a story. Look at the characters in the story. Who is the main character? Talk about what they are like. What do they do? Why do you think they do things?

You could draw a picture of the character and write about them.


The story of Abraham's Sacfrifice.

Please click on the link below and watch the story.


Then talk about the trust Abraham had in God and why he listened to what God had told him to do. Think about the people in your life, who do you trust and why?

You could re-write the story in your own words or you could draw and colour a picture of your favourite part of the story and write some sentences about it.



Monday 23rd March


Read a story with someone. Talk about what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. You could draw pictures to show this.



Walk around your house . Can you say what an item is made out of and why that material has been used.

i.e. drinking glass is made of glass which is hard, rigid and waterproof so the water stays in the glass and doesn't spill out.

Use these words to help you with your ideas.







see through-transparent

not see through -opaque

a bit see through- translucent



 Lengths around the home - click here