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Creativity is increasingly recognised as an essential higher order skill for learning, life and work.  As such, the foundations of our approach to teaching and learning are rooted in creativity.  We believe we need to prepare our young people for life and work in an increasingly uncertain and rapidly changing economic and social environment.  As part of a suite of higher order skills, creativity can help learners not only survive, but to thrive in our fast-changing world.  Creative skills help learners to be; 

  • Motivated and ambitious for change 

  • Confident in their capacities and validity of their own viewpoints  

  • Able to transfer their creativity skills to other contexts 

  • Able to lead and work well with others 

‘Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no-one else has thought.’ Albert Einstein. 


Key Principles 

At Gomersal Primary we provide a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum, based on the statutory elements of the National Curriculum and underpinned by the following aspects; 

Developing creativity 

Igniting curiosity 

Raising aspirations 

Building resilience 

Fostering independence 

Embracing diversity 

Using the local area and heritage 

We believe that children learn best when they have opportunity to play and explore, be involved in active learning, create and think critically.